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Lauren was born and raised in Southern California. From a young age she had the opportunity to travel the world due to her mother’s work. She learned to appreciate and respect different cultures and perspectives. As a 200 E-RYT and YACEP Yoga Teacher since 2013, Lauren applies this belief into her teachings. Although her initial entry to yoga was through Vinyasa Yoga, she has expanded her scope and application of yoga since learning from teachers with varying concentrations.She firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and everybody and teaches based on that. As an educator of yoga, she applies yoga philosophy with a modern approach of yoga asana based on smart and efficient movement science. Lauren takes inspiration from different schools of yoga asana practice and combines it with modern movement techniques, corrective exercise, and Somatic exercise. Through these various tools of movement and physical sensation, her students can learn about themselves to become more resilient in times of stress on or off the mat. She currently travels around the world leading yoga retreats, special classes, and workshops.

CLASS TITLE: Critical Thinking for Yoga Asana
In the yoga world we say that yoga is for everyone, but too often do we see asana being marketed as unattainable and cued based on a one-size-fits-all approach. But considering that the word asana translates to “seat,” we can instead take the concept of each asana as an opportunity to find our own unique seat of perspective. In this workshop, you will apply critical thinking skills through observation, experience, reflection and communication to make better decisions in order to maintain a sustainable practice. You will walk away understanding the mechanics involved in key poses, be more present in your practice, and feel empowered to explore your own path within the yoga asana landscape.

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Wednesday, November 4

18:00 EET