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Paulina Nienartowicz

Instagram: @artrawpaulina

My name is Paulina and I'm a vegan and raw vegan chef, food stylist and photographer working and living in southern England. I've worked in the vegan restaurants in Poland and the UK for 7 years and as a private chef on vegan and raw vegan yoga retreats. I develop recipes for private customers and restaurants (they are mostly non-vegan restaurants where chefs don't know how to prepare vegan food so I create the recipes and teach the chefs the basics of plant-based cooking). My chef's career started as a raw dessert chef, then I became 'head of creation' developing the recipes for healthy desserts and savoury meals (both raw and cooked). I just published my first recipe book 'The art of raw food' with over 130 raw vegan recipes. When I create my food I focus on 3 things: beauty, taste and nutritional value. All 3 things are the same important to create the perfect meal to nourish the body and soul. I use only natural, unprocessed or minimally processed whole food ingredients, natural food colourings, flavourings and superfoods. I also focus on making my food beautiful and colourful. It helps to attract people to a plant-based diet because we eat with our eyes. I love to share my knowledge about vegan food with others and show people how easy and delicious plant-based diet can be.