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Chloe Nickles

Lotus Academy
Instagram: @chloenickles_yoga 

Chloë came to her yoga practice as a way to reconnect with her body and unlearn toxic beliefs and behaviors. While her practice is quite physical, she utilizes exploring what the body is capable of as a tool to observe thoughts, emotions, reactions and responses to triggers and stress. She feels we must connect to ourselves in these vulnerable and challenging moments in order to connect to the collective consciousness and evolve beyond our limitations. Chloe owns a yoga studio in North Carolina with her husband Neil, where they do yoga retreats and teacher training. They are on a mission to spread health & abundance to all and teach people how to take care of their mind, body, spirit, communities, and the world collectively.

CLASS TITLE: Chandra Vinyasa
Tune-in & Renew. Chandra Vinyasa is rhythmic, mindfully paced, expansive and rejuvenating. You will leave with a new found strength, clarity & sense of presence, increased range of motion and more space for breath as we explore body mechanics of movement. Chloë inspires her students to explore the unknown corners of their practice with a gentle & fierce guidance, uncovering what is possible through encouraging and insightful cues. Her sequencing style seamlessly threads each posture intuitively, allowing students to drop what they know and arrive in the present moment of sensations and freedom.

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