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Alex Avila

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Hey there yogis my name is Alex here's a little history about me see you on Mat! 

Alex was born in NYC yet raised at an early age in Guatemala but grew up in new york most of his young and teenage life, He speaks English, Spanish and, of course, French since moving to France and what now has become home base. When he was 19, yoga became a natural part of his life. 

After starting his personal practice at Yoga Vida NYC, he continued to be drawn to Vinyasa yoga practices. He then naturally turned to Jivamukti and completed a 300-hour Teacher Training in India. Which led to other trainings and experiences such as lotus flow with laughing lotus NYC and most recently Bryce yoga school 300hrs advanced TT Alex wants to keep his asana practice fun, creative yet challenging all while including into it spiritual teachings, uplifting messages, mantras and meditation, “You might also hear some creative, groovy, funky music in his classes to spice up your practice! 

What you can expect from Alex classes is a challenging yet soothing ef ect. The music as described above plays a big part in the class experience, Creativity, flowing movements and freedom will also play a major role . Come out and experienced it for yourself. Let the magic happen and be true to yourself ! My favorite asana: Eka pada kundinyasana , it’s a perfect blend of arm strength , core strengh and balance , throughout the whole body. Describing yoga in one word: Unity My yoga message: Yoga is not performing a perfect asana, Yoga is the how you felt in the process of performing yoga asanas. 

CLASS TITLE: Spark your creativity 
Join Alex and Tatiana for a creative vinyasa flow intelligently structured and linked to connect us with 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakra points. There is more to asanas themselves , how to organize and how to place pose after pose with a purpose is a craft of it's own and not as evident as we may assume.
We take that seriously and organize our classes with the traditions of yoga blended with modern movement intelligent muscular engagement and mobility, In this workshop experience you will leave feeling replenished, full of inspiration and funky movements. Expect a sweet sweat, a hot flow a hot playlist to flow with, inversions and arm Balances will be explored. come and celebrate your practice and more than anything practicing with joy, openness of heart and mind. See you in the mat yogis and yoginis. 

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Friday, March 27