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Jelena Aleksic

Instagram: @aleksic_twins

Jelena Aleksic is a certified Acrovinyasa Yoga teacher and physical conditioning coach originating from the picturesque Serbia, Europe. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science and Physical Education and is also very passionate about art, photography and writing. She started practicing yoga in 2013 and absolutely fell in love with the practice. Her goal is to unite the world and bring people closer together through acro yoga classes. This is why the major focus of her classes is on emphasizing the power of human touch, friendship and bonding.

We live in a time of amazing possibilities to connect with people virtually, but unfortunately, real-life human connection is becoming more and more neglected. The purpose of this class is to emphasize the power of human touch, friendship and bonding through a series of fun and effective stretching partner yoga poses. The postures will thoroughly cover 3 main areas of the body: upper body, back and lower body (hips & hamstrings) and are specifically designed to be done in pairs. Prepare for an unforgettable experience and lots of laughter and fun!